Standard Textbooks:
Database System Concepts - A. Silberschatz, H.F. Korth, S. Sudarshan
Fundamentals of Database Systems - R. Elmasri, S. Navathe, S.B. Navathe, R. Sunderraman
An Introduction to Database Systems - C.J. Date
Readings in Database Systems - J.M. Hellerstein and M. Stonebraker (The (Databases) Red Book)

Alternative/Supplementary Reading:
Principles of Database Systems - J.D. Ullman
An Introduction to Database System - B. Desai
Database Management Systems - J.Gehrke and R.Ramakrishnan
Database Systems: The Complete Book - H. Garcia-Molina, J.D. Ullman, J. Widom
Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques - J. Gray and A. Reuter
A First Course in Database Systems - J. Ullman and J. Widom
Database Systems - C.E. Begg and T.M. Connolly
Database Concepts - D.M. Kroenke and D.J. Auer
Physical Database Design: the database professional's guide to exploitingindexes, views, storage, and more - T. Teorey, S. Lightstone, T. Nadeau
Database Modeling & Design: Logical Design - T. Teorey, S. Lightstone and T. Nadeau

Sl. No. Topic Lecture Hours Slide
1 Introduction to Database Engineering 2 Download
2 Data Models 3 Download
3 Design Fundamentals 6 Download
4 Abstract Query Languages: Relational Algebra, Relational Calculus 4 Download
5 Relational Database and SQL
5.1 Introduction and basic queries in SQL (slide is incomplete) 1 Download
5.2 Nesting sub-queries in SQL (slide is incomplete) 1 Download
5.3 Aggregate functions in SQL (slide is incomplete) 1 Download
5.4 Grouping and sorting in SQL (slide is incomplete) 1 Download
6 Database Design and Normalization (slide incomplete) 4 Download
7 Transaction Management and Concurrency Control (slide incomplete) 4 Download
8 Storage Management (slide not uploaded yet) 3 Download

Introduction; Graphics Hardware; Display technologies; Basic raster graphics algorithms; Scan conversion; Filling rectangles, polygons, pattern filling; world coordinate systems 2D, 3D; 2D transformations; Projection; Representing curves and surfaces

Standard Textbooks:
Computer Graphics, C Version - D. Hearn and M.P. Baker
Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice - J.F. Hughes, A. van Dam, M. McGuire, D.F. Sklar, J.D. Foley, S.K. Feiner, K. Akeley
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics - P. Shirley and S. Marschner

Alternative/Supplementary Reading:
Computer Graphics using Open GL - Francis S. Hill
Multimedia Systems - R. Steinmetz and K. Nahrstedt
Fundamentals of Multimedia - Ze-Nian Li and M. S. Drew
Mathematical Elements for Computer Graphics - D.F. Rogers and J.A. Adams
Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation - M. Pharr and G. Humphreys
Procedural Elements for Computer Graphics - D. Rogers
Computer Graphics for Java Programmers - L. Ammeraal and K. Zhang
Computer Graphics: A Survey of Current Techniques and Applications - J. Lewell
Computer Graphics: Theory Into Practice - J.J. McConnell
Computer Graphics: Techniques and Applications - R.D. Parslow, R.W. Prowse, R.E. Green
Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments: From Realism to Real-time - M. Slater, A. Steed, Y. Chrysantho
Interactive Environments with Open-Source Software - W. Hohl
Foundations of 3D Computer Graphics - St.J. Gortler
Interactive Computer Graphics, A Top-Down Approach with WebGL - E.d Angel and D. Schreiner

Sl. No. Topic Lecture Hours Slide
1 Introduction to Computer Graphics 2 Download
2 Line Drawing 3 Download
3 Circle and Ellipse Drawing 2 Download
4 Parabola and Hyperbola Drawing 2 Download
5 Double step and best fit DDA (not uploaded yet) 2 Download
6 DSC Circle Drawing (not uploaded yet) 1 Download
7 Curve fitting and Interpolation (not uploaded yet) 4 Download
8 Line and Polygon Clipping (slide incomplete) 2 Download
9 Convex Hull Problem (not uploaded yet) 1 Download
10 Filling 2 Download
11 Transformations 3 Download
12 Projections (slide incomplete) 3 Download
13 Curve and surface drawing (slide incomplete) 3 Download

Course overview [Download here]

Introduction (what is biometrics, types of biometrics, authentication modes, model of a biometric system and its modules, applications, challenges, biometric menagerie, Doddington’s zoo)
Performance Measurement and Evaluation Parameters (Choosing a threshold, False acceptance, false rejection, equal error rate, accuracy, CMC curve, ROC curve, Area under ROC curve, d' index)
About biometric databases (why needed, what types of scenarios provided, constrained and unconstrained databases)
Iris biometric system (demonstration of acquisition model, segmentation, Haar feature extraction, Nearest Neighbour Matching, Results)
Feature Extraction methodologies (Local and Global feature, Transformation, Wavelets, Energy features, Feature selection and dimension reduction)
Fingerprint biometric system (Overview, alignment and segmentation, core, delta, minutiae detection, matching and performance discussions)
Palmprint biometric system (segmentation of rectangular RoI, feature extraction and matching)
Ear biometric system
Face biometrics
Biometric standards
Attacks of biometric system
Privacy issues and legal aspects

Slides will be uploaded soon...